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Are cars and trucks your type of thing? If they are, then a career in the automotive industry just might suit you best. An automotive career is a career path that offers a wide array of exciting experiences, especially if you are into car engine parts and accessories and the practice of tinkering with them. To get a job in this industry, however, you should receive proper education at an automotive school.

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When considering where to get automotive training keep in mind that there are only a few automotive schools that concentrate on automotives alone. If you want to study for a career in automotives you can find automotive trade schools in various cities where you can choose either specialized or general automotive training. Then, you decide whether to go into rod and custom fabrication, fabrication trim and upholstery, chassis fabrication street rod, diesel motorsports chassis fabrication, or another related more specific automotive career field.

Featured Automotive and Diesel Schools

Advanced Technology Institute

Put your love of technology, cars and sunny weather to work for you. Contact Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) today and put your career in the fast lane.

Featured Programs:
Automotive Technology | Diesel/Heavy Vehicle Technology

Featured Locations:
ATI is located in Virginia Beach, VA, part of Southern Virginia's Hampton Roads area near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay.

If you enjoy working with your hands and are looking for a rewarding career, check out ATI's degree, diploma, and certificate programs in Automotive Technology, Diesel/Heavy Vehicle, HVAC, Welding, and more!

Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology is proud to offer over 60 years of experience supporting students through hands-on, focused career education.

Featured Programs:
Automotive | Collision Repair

Featured Locations:
Denver, Colorado | West Palm Beach, Florida | Melrose Park, Illinois | Indianapolis, Indiana | Columbia, Maryland | Grand Prairie, Texas


At WyoTech, you'll learn how to fix equipment the right way, so you can diagnose, service and repair both domestic and foreign automobiles, HVAC units, and plumbing lines of any type and size.

Featured Programs:
Automotive Technology | General Automotive | Motorcycle Technology

Featured Locations:
Fremont, CA | Long Beach, CA

Automotive Trade Schools
Before jumping into this, though, be certain that a career in automotives is what you want to pursue. Aside from that, it may be helpful to have some basic experience and knowledge regarding cars and trucks and their engines and accessories. If you don't it might be a little more difficult to fully understand the lectures until you are up to speed. In auto mechanic schools and vocational technical institutes, they may expect their students to have inkling for automobiles even before they begin the course. This is one requirement that you may not want to miss out on. So before applying for an automotive education, get a feel of the industry first or ask knowledgeable and reputable people around you to teach you the basics, if possible.

What the Career Entails
As an automobile expert, an automotive mechanic has a lot of responsibilities in keeping vehicles and other automobiles in top condition. Part of this maintenance and repair responsibility is talking to clients who want their automobiles fixed. Speaking firsthand with the customers can make you, as an automotive mechanic; understand more thoroughly what the problem of the vehicle is. After conferring with the customer, the next step is to look for the specific problem of the vehicle and to work on the dysfunctional part until it is fixed. This is inclusive of air conditioning systems, electrical systems and the like. Meanwhile, it is also the job of an automobile expert to make sure that potential problems with the vehicle's engine are avoided. This can be done through tune-ups and regular maintenance. You can also spend your time in an automotive training center to teach special skills and techniques in car repair and maintenance.

The Work Environment
Working as an automotive expert will require you to work in a car repair shop. Most of the time, you will be working indoors because in most cases, the customers bring the vehicle to your shop. Do not worry, though, because car repair shops are well-lit and well-ventilated as well. Since these shops have proper lighting, accidents are commonly avoided. To get further protection from the inevitability of accidents, you may also want to standardize the use of safety outfits and practice of safety measures.

Before, automotive careers and automotive technical training are almost exclusive to men. Today, more and more women are also becoming more interested in this specialization. A note of caution though is this line of work will put a lot of grease on your hands. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable part of being an automotive mechanic.

You can pursue this career if it really is your passion tinkering with cars and vehicles. However, you should also be aware that this is not an in-demand type of career. In fact, it was predicted that this line of job will experience slow growth in the coming years. This might be attributed to the fact that due to the economic crises that hound the rest of the world, people are not expected to seek the services of an automotive mechanic in the same frequency as they used to. As a matter of fact, average people themselves are already expected to work on their own cars and vehicles instead of having a mechanic look at it, especially if the repair needed is only a minor one. On the flip side of that argument though more people may hold onto their cars longer (instead of buying a new one) and will therefore likely need more repair work completed.

The Tools
An automotive expert cannot work on a car or vehicle without his or her own set of tools. This is important because these are personal things that you will frequently use in fixing customers' car engines. The tools used by mechanics are quite many and investing in them is necessary because inexpensive tools lack long-term quality. Another cost that might be considered as a burden for automotive experts are the tools needed to specifically tinker with new brands or models of cars and other vehicles. Do not worry, though. These are good investments and it will pay off in the end.

The Professional Automotive Mechanic

Success in the automotive scene means a lot of hard work on your part. If you want to gain more skills and have a more reputable stance as an automotive expert, you can try getting a certification. In particular, you can go for the Automotive Service Excellence Certification. Through this certification, you will have more competitive edge against your fellow mechanics because you have a level of professionalism that speaks of excellence and efficiency in your chosen field. Simply put, this will help you become an in-demand automotive expert. In addition, your career options may also provide you with more options if you have this certification to speed up your success. In comparison to other auto mechanics that do not have certifications, you will also have greater chances of being employed and leverage with your boss because of this certification.

An Automotive technology program can make your dreams come true. The idea of working as an automotive technician may be nice and even exhilarating if you are really passionate about cars and their engines. Before dreaming of jumping into this career, know your other options first and make sure that this line of job is what you really want on a long-term basis. If it is, then go ahead and apply for an automotive education at a trade school or community college.

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