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A lot of folks may want to have a career in computers and may wonder how to choose a computer school. Trouble is that is a very broad question as there are many different levels of careers in the computer field. Some may require minimal training, others a few months or years worth of education, while other careers may require advanced degrees in computer science or similar.

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For a lot of careers someone could pursue their education in a trade school or college while others may need a more traditional university degree.

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UEI provides its students with the skills necessary to begin a successful career in eight months.

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Computer Systems Technician

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California - Multiple Locations - Chula Vista | El Monte | Huntington Park | Ontario | San Bernardino | San Diego | San Marcos | Van Nuys, CA

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Vatterott College

Whether you want a career in computers or a technical trade, Vatterott College’s career training programs immerse you in your chosen field and enable you to learn the latest technologies. Vatterott College is a leader in career education with programs that ensure you will have the confidence and experience to be a leader in your field.

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Associate of Occupational Studies Degree - Computer Systems & Network Technology | Diploma - Computer Technology | Bachelor's Degree - Computer Engineering & Networking Technology | Bachelor of Science Degree - Computer Science and Information Technology

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Des Moines, Iowa | Wichita, Kansas | Joplin, Missouri | Kansas City, Missouri | St. Louis, Missouri | Springfield, Missouri | St. Joseph, Missouri | Omaha, Nebraska | Tulsa, Oklahoma | Memphis, Tennessee

Here is a basic checklist that you should look into to make sure that the computer school you are eyeing is indeed equipped to give you a competitive edge in the line of computer studies.

1. Go for accredited institutions - Some computer training schools boast of good programs and high-end facilities that lure the students to get into that educational body. Do not be blinded with these. If you really want to secure your future, choose a computer school that is accredited outside the sphere of learning and offers a good package of computer education in its core. This means that you should make a computer school an option only if it is known in the industry as a learning institution equipped to provide professional training to its students. Likewise, you should check some of the graduates of that school. See if they were able to establish good careers in the industry, because if they weren't - there might be something lacking in the education they were provided with in college.

2. Make sure the school is fit for your lifestyle - Some students make research on the best computer schools without considering if it is feasible to make that school an option. Do not make this mistake because you will end up having more difficulties in the future. What you should do is to check your parameters and know your limitations. What is the budget allocated for your college education? Can you or your parents handle the tuition and fees in the school you want to apply to? How about the location of that school? Is it reputable for providing quality education? If you plan to move out while studying in college or a trade school, you can try schools that are far off, but if leaving your parents' home is not part of the plan, simply stick to schools that are not very far.

3. Check a school's learning style - every institution that provides higher learning has its own set of learning styles. Make sure that the school you will get into conforms to the learning style that you can adapt with. Otherwise, learning about computers might be a little too challenging for you.

4. Know what you want - There are schools that have superior college education quality but only offer online computer training programs. There are those that are reputable enough but only offer technical or vocational expertise. There are also community colleges and traditional universities. Each one differs in the outcome of the education and the certification you will receive once you have finished the program. Some offer web design certifications, others offer design and administration. Meanwhile, there are also those that offer both with a database administrator certification. Remember, there is a difference among certificates, diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor's degrees. Know what the industry needs and let that requirement determine your decision.

5. Check the setting of the school - If you go for a traditional university that offers computer technology education, expect to be in a classroom or a computer laboratory setting. In any case, be prepared to deal with a handful of classmates and peers if you choose a traditional university. If you want to learn at home, there are top computer schools that can offer their educational services online. If you want to learn at home on a one-on-one basis, that can also be worked out provided that you have chosen an institution that caters to the learning setting that is most viable for you.


In choosing a computer-related program, computer science is among the top options of students. If you study this field of computer education, you get to deal with instructions and languages concerning computer operations. Sorting out problems with computer programs is also part of the package if you choose this path. While this may seem very exciting, do note that studying computer science is not easy. This is why you really have to enjoy learning about computers if you go for this course. Otherwise, you may readily give up when you face academic difficulties with the course, especially if your heart is not into it. Computer-related courses may indeed be about computers but a person who studies it also needs the passion to learn.

Moving on to the career itself, you might as well know that snagging a job in the industry is difficult if you cannot present a diploma, a degree or even a certificate to show that you have earned your keep in computer studies. That said, it is important that you have a formal education in computer learning before leaping into job applications. Aside from this, a portfolio is also essential in giving your prospective employers a guarantee that you are knowledgeable with computers. Although your skills and abilities will be tested as well, your employer might not take notice of your abilities immediately if you do not present a portfolio with your curriculum vitae.

As mentioned in this article, a career in the computer industry, specifically a career in computer science, is exciting and offers a lucrative aspect but without the necessary requirements to foray the workplace, all of this will remain a dream for you. However, if you are determined to make that dream come true, you should start with a formal education to be provided by a reputable, dependable and competitive computer school.

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