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A lot of people seem to be realizing that a career in nursing may be the way to go since it seems to be written all over the place about a nursing shortage. There are many different career paths into nursing such as completing a career training program in practical nursing or in vocational nursing. Other options may include earning a degree to become a registered nurse or go from a diploma or associate degree nurse to holding a BSN degree in nursing.

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Whether you are looking for a trade school in nursing or a more traditional college or university to meet your career goals you have many options available.

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Charter College

A new career is only a few steps away! Start today. Featured Program: Vocational Nursing

Featured Programs:

Featured Locations:
Canyon County

Lincoln Technical Institute - New Britain, CT

Lincoln Technical Institute is ready to provide you with a career-training opportunity capable of changing your life!

Featured Programs:
Nursing | Practical Nursing

Featured Locations:
Edison | Fern Park | Hamden | Moorestown | New Britian | Paramas | Shelton

Medical Careers Institute

Once you decide to become part of the expanding, exciting and in-demand world of healthcare, selecting the best college to prepare you for your medical career and to meet your needs and goals is clearly one of the most important decisions.

Featured Programs:
Practical Nursing | Nursing (BSN) - Bachelor | Registered Nursing

Featured Locations:
Greenville, SC | Newport News, VA | Raleigh, NC | Richmond (South Side), VA | Richmond (West End), VA | Virginia Beach, VA


MedVance Institute offers a wide array of healthcare training programs to help you start your new career with the skills you need to succeed. Featured Nursing Program: Practical Nursing

Featured Programs:
Practical Nursing

Featured Locations:
West Palm Beach, FL | Stuart, FL | Miami, FL

A common question is how long does it take to become a nurse? Well that depends on the type of nursing program you plan to complete and your career goals. Some programs such as C.N.A. or nursing Aide programs may be completed in weeks or months. While Licensed Practical nursing and Licensed Vocational nursing are generally in the one year range. Registered Nursing Programs general take two years and up, again depending on your career goals and what program you enroll in.

For a list of nursing schools with programs for RNs visit to find something near you. In addition, if you are interested in other health related careers look into x ray technician schools, medical assisting schools, and respiratory therapy schools to expand your choices.

Confused about all the different types of nursing programs available? You are not alone! There are many different types of nursing programs and you should check with all schools of interest to compare each type of program they offer and what it will mean for your career if you complete the training, degree, or certification.

Here are some basic fields:

Certified Nurse Practitioner (AKA CNA-or- Nurse Aide)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Registered Nurse (RN)

There are others, but these are generally the most basic where people begin their careers. Your career goals and financial situation should be considered to help you determine what they best path should be for you. Contact several schools and research all your options wisely to help you make an informed decision.

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