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Ah, there is nothing like the open road. Imagine getting paid to drive a big rig and see the country at the same time. And even if you get a local route that is in-state, there are other benefits to becoming a truck driver in the 21st century.

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If you are interested in this as a career option, you need to take your time and find the best truck driving school so that you can acquire the skills you are going to need to hit the open road in an 18-wheeler.

Featured Truck Driving Schools

Advanced Technology Institute

Train for a career in commercial driving in 8 short weeks with Advanced Technology Institute – Virginia Beach, VA.

Featured Programs:
Tractor Trailer / Commerical Driving

Featured Locations:
Virginia Beach, VA

Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driving students must possess – or be able and willing to obtain – a valid Virginia driver's license prior to starting school.

All-State Career School

You can have a rewarding career that includes job security, good income, travel and independence can be yours with truck driver training from All-State Career School.

Featured Programs:
Class A CDL Advanced Tractor | Trailer Driving | Class A CDL Preparatory | Driver Training | Class B CDL Driver Training

Featured Locations:
Lester, PA | West Mifflin, PA

All-State Career - Baltimore

All-State Career has pushed truck driver education to a new level with our state-of-the-art training labs.

Featured Programs:
Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer Driving | Class B CDL Driver Training

Featured Locations:
Baltimore, MD

Hamrick School

Tired of jobs that keep you stuck behind a desk? Hamrick School can offer you the hands-on training to move out from behind the desk and into a career in truck driving

Featured Programs:
Truck Driving

Featured Locations:
Medina, Ohio

New England Tractor Trailer Training School

New England Tractor Trailer Training School has a 40-year history of delivering hands-on driver training to qualified candidates.

Featured Programs:
Straight Truck Training | Tractor Trailer Training

Featured Locations:
Bridgeport, Connecticut; Somers, Connecticut; North Andover, Massachusetts; and Pawtucket, Rhode Island

10-4, Good Buddy

Whether or not you have thought about driving a truck before, there are a lot of reasons you should consider this as a career option. With the job market the way it is these days, it makes sense to expand your horizons. And if you do not mind driving and being on your own (or with a co-pilot in the truck if it's allowed), truck driving school could be the answer for your problems. Next we are going to take a look at how trucker school may help you achieve more in life.

Forget what you have heard or what you think you know about going to school to become a truck driver. In the 21st century, truck drivers can actually make a good living. And with so many people out of work, it can be just what you need to keep food on the table. Here are some things to think about when it comes to finding the best truck driver school.

  • Ex-Felons - Whether or not a school will work with ex-felons is something you will want to check on if you have a felony conviction in your past. The good news is that some trucking companies may work with ex-felons to find them work.
  • Cost - Going to school can be expensive. This is why you should check to see if there are any tuition assistance programs available that will help you pay for your training. From the tuition to the other costs involved, it can be a bit pricey to get the education you need if you are not careful.
  • Time - Another thing you should think about is how long it is going to take to get through truck driving school and whether you will be able to hold down a job and bring in money at the same time. You want to think about your future, but you also need to make sure you put food on the table. Checking to see how long truck driving school will take to complete is another good idea.

There are other things you should seriously consider before you choose a truck driving school, but these should get you headed in the right direction.

Life After Trucker School

After you graduate trucking school, there is still going to be work that needs to be done. Luckily, if you go with the right school, they will likely have job placement assistance available. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Who better for trucking employers to get advice on who to hire from other than the people who train the truckers! This is why going to truck driving school is so important. Not only are you going to get the education you need, you are going to be able to network with those who hire truckers - which can be really beneficial for finding a great trucking job.

No matter your age or your background, getting some training on how to drive a big rig may be a great way to open up doors in your life. If you are tired of working the 9 to 5 grind and barely making it from paycheck to paycheck, you need to think about going to truck driving school so that you can have a better chance of securing a job that could lead to an actual career - which is much better in many ways that a dead-end job that has no opportunities for growth.

In the modern world, truck drivers are still needed. Trained drivers that know about safety and are professional are even more in demand. However, you must realize that many other people are reading this and beginning to think the same things you are thinking about. This means the competition is going to get tougher. The time to act is now if you want to take charge of your life and find out what it's like to work behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.

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