Medical Assisting Careers

Increasing competition for jobs can make it really tough for you to choose a career path. After all, once youíve chosen a career and begun your journey to success, itís very difficult to back out! So, what can be a safe choice at a time when recruitment is not in overdrive?

Think about the healthcare sector. This is perhaps one of the very few recession-proof sectors and so, a job as a medical assistant can be the right move for you. In order to know more about medical assisting careers, keep reading.

If you want to cash in on the opportunities provided by the booming healthcare sector, you do not need to become a doctor or a nurse. In case you are wondering, what exactly is the job of a medical assistant, here is a brief look at what you will do as one:

  • As a medical assistant, you main job will be to keep the offices of various health practitioners running smoothly. For this, you may need to do both administrative as well as basic clinical work.
  • If you work at a larger place such as a clinic, you will be assigned a specific area of work and report to a department administrator.
  • You will not be doing the duties of a physician assistant, who is required to assist practitioners in examining, diagnosing and treating patients.

As an administrative medical assistant you will be expected to:

  • Maintain and update patient-records.
  • Complete insurance forms and facilitate paperwork related to admissions.

Additionally, you may also need to maintain accounts and perform billing duties.

As a clinical medical assistant you may have duties such as:

  • Noting medical history of patients and recording their vital signs.
  • Explaining how they are going to be treated and answering specific queries they may have about the treatment (only if you are trained to do this)
  • Helping patients prepare for examinations.
  • Collect and send specimens for lab tests and disburse the reports to the doctors.
  • Purchase and maintain medical supplies and equipment.

The best thing about a medical assistantís job is that there are no specific educational requirements! Of course, you will be expected to have at least a high-school diploma to be eligible for this job. You can also do a one or two year course specifically designed to prepare you for the job. Many schools offer this type of a course and you can learn about the relevant areas of your job such as:

  • Human anatomy and physiology (basics)
  • Medical terminology and transcription
  • Accounting and billing
  • Insurance processing
  • Administration of first aid and patient management.

If you go in for a two year accredited course you can actually get an Associate degree! Accredited programs also provide internships where you can earn while you learn.

If you look to the future, you can see yourself advancing by becoming an office manager or a nurse, through experience and training, while working as a medical assistant. The salaries and work environment too are among the best reasons to pursue medical assisting careers.

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